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New Arrivals

This is where trends are made. Explore our New Arrivals page, designed for your personalized shopping experience. Don’t miss out on the latest trendy hats, and revolutionize your look today.


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  1. Wind River® Calaway
    Wind River® Calaway
    Regular Price $130.00 Starting at $97.50
  2. Eustis 2X Western - Black
    Eustis 2X
    Regular Price $130.00 Starting at $97.50
  3. Eden Fedora
    Renegade® Eden
    Regular Price $130.00 Starting at $97.50
  4. Bailey - Black
    Starting at $80.00
  5. Bailey - Satin Brass
    Regular Price $130.00 Starting at $91.00
  6. Bailey - Graphite
    Regular Price $125.00 Starting at $93.75
  7. Rumble Western - Black
    Eddy Bros.® Rumble
    Starting at $70.00
  8. Bailey - Avion
    Regular Price $90.00 Starting at $67.50
  9. Bailey - Oak Plaid
    Starting at $80.00
  10. Bailey - Avion
    Starting at $75.00
  11. Dalton
    Regular Price $75.00 Starting at $56.25
  12. Bailey - Kelp
    Regular Price $105.00 Starting at $52.50
  13. Bailey - Flint Gray
    Regular Price $118.00 Starting at $59.00
  14. Bailey - Flint Gray
    Regular Price $118.00 Starting at $59.00
  15. Medium Brown Mix
    Regular Price $118.00 Starting at $59.00
  16. Eddy Bros.® Wild Flush
    Eddy Bros.® Wild Flush
    Starting at $65.00
  17. Landry 2X
    Landry 2X
    Regular Price $120.00 Starting at $90.00

23 Items

per page
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New Arrivals

 At Bailey Hats, we bring you the newest hat styles so you can stay in style and look your best no matter the season. Check out our new arrivals page to find the hottest collection of popular hats to complement any look. Shop hats by price, color, and size to customize your shopping experience. We have the latest top-selling headwear from classy fedoras with a western-inspired twist to iconic flat caps and hand-crafted felts for everyone.  

 Trendy Headwear That Keeps You Looking Fresh

 We make it easy for you to find the most fashionable and trendy hat styles for your wardrobe. We have both summer & spring, and fall & winter collections. Whether you want a hat that complements your casual look when lounging on the beach, on a weekend out with friends, or when dressing for a sharp formal look, we have popular hats including fedoras, ivy & flat caps, western hats, bowlers, pork pies, outback hats, and pull-ons on our new arrivals page. 

Our trendy hats will protect you from the burning sun and keep you warm during winter while adding a classy vibe to your outfit. Browse our new arrivals to find elegant headwear or an accent piece that suits your taste and completes your look effortlessly. Bailey Hats brings you the latest additions so you can stand out from the crowd and pull off your dream look with confidence. We have every style, from cool to masculine and bold to high-fashion vibes. 


Shop Our New Arrivals Now 

 A hat is a statement piece, and wearing one can make you stand out from the crowd. Pull off an understated look or a timeless style any day with our new arrivals. We narrow down the options available and bring you the most popular hats and exclusives so you can find your favorite hat style for any season, outfit, or occasion. Enjoy free shipping with orders of $100 or more.