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Hat Care & Accessories

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  1. Hat Cleaner Sponge
    Hat Cleaner Sponge
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  2. Bollman Hat Jack - Small
    Bollman Hat Jack - Small
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Hats are like any accessory - if you want them to look good, you’ll need to care for them. Proper hat care will ensure your hat retains its original shape and extends its life. Bailey Hats not only sells some of the most iconic and fashionable hats worldwide but also provides what you need to take good care of them. Shop curated hat care accessories like cleaning sponges, hat jacks, and hat brushes for your Bailey Collection


Keep Your Hat Looking Fresh, Clean, and Sharp


Whether it’s a fedora, bowler, flat cap, outdoor, western, cowboy, pork-pie, or pull-on hat, learning how to handle, clean, and care for your Hollywood or Western hat collection matters. That’s why we bring you high-quality hat care accessories so you can clean and dress up your favorite hat and retain its decorative design. Our small but strong wooden brushes with boar hair bristles are easy to pack and designed to keep your felt hat looking new and fresh. 

Our cleaning sponges are also a great addition for cleaning your felt hats of surface dirt, lint, or any loose nap. Our hat accessories are guaranteed quality craftsmanship so you can shop with total confidence.


Take Pride in Our Bailey Hat Heritage


Established in 1922, Bailey Hats takes pride in its rich American hat heritage. We bring you the widest collection of American-made hats and everything you need to make sure that your hats are well taken care of and protected. Just like our classic hats, we want you to keep your new headpiece looking as sharp as you. We also bring you a Bailey Protective Wool Face Mask crafted from 100% wool for general use in multiple environments and everyday settings. 

Want to learn more about hat care? Contact us at 1-855-384-7018. Shop hat accessories now.