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Bailey® hats are known for craftsmanship, innovative design and use of luxury fibers and fabrics including fur felt, wool felt, leather, LiteFelt®, genuine Panama, wool, and cashmere. A large portion of the Bailey® collection is still produced in the U.S. at the Bollman Hat Factory in Adamstown, Pennsylvania which is America’s oldest and most respected hat maker.

Hats are Made in the USA or made in the USA using globally sourced materials where noted.

Follow the journey of wool from our scouring plant in Texas to our factory in Pennsylvania.

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  1. Bailey Charcoal/Rust
    Starting at $225.00
  2. Bailey Silver
    Regular Price $180.00 Starting at $117.00
  3. Renegade® Shade
    Renegade® Shade
    Starting at $140.00
  4. Wind River® Ore
    Wind River® Ore
    Starting at $138.00
  5. Bailey
    Wind River® Dayton
    Starting at $138.00
  6. Bailey - Sunset
    Starting at $225.00
  7. Bailey - Espresso Check
    Starting at $225.00
  8. Bailey - Unbleached
    Starting at $240.00
  9. Bailey - Ink
    Starting at $225.00
  10. Bailey - Kapok Green
    Starting at $150.00
  11. Bailey - Black
    Starting at $170.00
  12. Bailey - Natural
    Starting at $195.00
  13. Natural/Deep Red
    Starting at $170.00
  14. Bailey - Tawny/Natural
    Starting at $225.00
  15. Bailey - Tawny
    Starting at $240.00
  16. Bailey - Tawny
    Starting at $225.00

Items 1-16 of 268

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Established 1922, Bailey Hats has been making fine quality hats with innovative designs and styling influenced by Hollywood elegance and Western toughness. We have some of the best made in the USA hats featuring luxury fibers and fabrics like fur felt, wool felt, LiteFelt®, leather, wool, Genuine Panama, and cashmere. Most of the hats in our Bailey® collection are still made at the iconic Bollman Hat Factory in Adamstown, PA, America’s oldest hat maker. 


Hats You Can Be Proud to Own and Wear


Our American-made hats are known for their superior craftsmanship, high-quality materials, comfort, and durability. We bring you the widest range of iconic hat styles, including fedoras & trilbies, bowlers & derbies, outback hats, pork pie hats, and western & cowboy hats. If you’re looking for hats that define lifestyle while making a strong fashion statement with a confident sense of style, our made in the USA hats do just that.

We’re proud to bring you the true American hat heritage with our collection of iconic and modern-style hats. Whether you want to rock a classic fedora, manifest your country lifestyle with a western-style cowboy hat, or take on the Rockies with a rugged outback hat, Bailey Hats has you covered. Don’t settle for less. Our collection consists of hats you’ll be proud to own and wear on any occasion or as an accessory with any outfit. 

Some of our made in the USA hats are crafted with globally sourced materials, so you know you’re getting the very best in materials and craftsmanship. 


Timeless American Made Products


Pick a hat style, material, color, and size you want from our Bailey collection. Our American-made products are influenced by fashion and culture. When you shop our statement pieces, you can be sure you’re only getting unique headwear designed to express your distinctive style. For even more quality hats, check out our other best sellers and see why our customers buy again and again.

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