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What is the Right Hat Shape for Me?

People come in all sizes and shapes, and we have a hat for everyone.  

Here are some helpful tips when deciding, “What is the right hat shape for me.”

Slender Face? We Have a Hat Shape for You!

For the person with a slender face, an ideal hat choice is one that complements the slimness of the face and makes it look fuller.  Our best recommendation is to choose a bucket hat or a porkpie, both styles available in Bailey 1922.   Bucket hats and pork pies are both made with crowns neither too high nor too low, and both compliment a slender face by making it look fuller. Skimpier brims complement a slender face.  Avoid wider brim hats that will swallow you up!

I Have a Bigger Frame. What is the Right Hat for Me?

Quite a few people with a bigger frame have reported they want a hat that helps them blend in, so they do not stand out when in a crowd.  With this in mind, we recommend a hat with a fuller crown to better match the person who will be wearing it.  

Medium brims work well.  You can also choose as big a brim as comfortable, no limits here!  Wide brims look great too.   And if a shorter brim is more your thing, that’s OK too. In that case we recommend a short brim that can be snapped.  

Some say they avoid flat caps, explaining they sit too close to the head and do not provide proportion, so important for the big fellow choosing a hat.  However, if you just must have a flat cap, we recommend one in an earth tone color, the most flattering.

You stand to gain a lot of style with just the right hat, and our large assortment of fuller crowns and wider brims offer just the right pick, regardless of individual taste or preference.

The Right Choice for the Shorter Slender Person

Shorter slender people especially love hats, as they help provide added stature and flair.  While most of our styles look great on a shorter person, we especially recommend a hat with a tapered crown and a wide band, which is sure to add balance to the overall shape of the shorter man’s head.  Stingy brims and taller crowns can also be complimentary. 

And it is important to remember that a turned-up brim also adds height to the overall look.  

My Face Looks like a Pear- What Can I Do?

Many people lament a pear-shaped head, which usually correlates with a smaller head size.  And, after 100+ years of helping hat wearers get the hat style that looks best on them, we recommend that a pear-shaped head needs a fuller crown hat with a medium or wide brim.  Probably best to avoid stingy brims, and make sure the hat fits correctly on your head.  To check for a good fit, place your fingers at the center of your head, and you should be able to feel the top of your head flash to your head. If your hat doesn’t feel flash to your head, the hat is too small and will sit up on your head, something you want to avoid.  Choosing the right size hat is key for fitting a pear-shaped head. 

“I Have Big Ears!”  Here’s A How to:  

People come in all sizes and shapes, which includes people with big ears.  Many a time over 100 years as hat makers, we have been asked to recommend the best hat for someone with big ears.  After careful consideration of this important question, we recommend a hat that is best proportioned to the face, and one that permits the hat to become the dominant feature. Both medium and wide brim hats (and not very narrow brim hats) are our best recommendation.   Choosing a medium or wide brim that extends further out dominating the overall look is the key. And indeed, a flat brim versus a rolled brim is probably also the better choice. 

My Head Size is Large, and I have a Narrow Face and Chin.  What to Do? 

A larger head size can feel like your head is overbalancing your face.  A good hat will put an end to all of that!  This is precisely a time when the right hat is truly needed.  

Our recommendation is a hat with a medium crown height, a tapered shape, and pinched towards the front, best in a medium brim.  (Many of our hats, particularly many of our fedoras, meet this requirement!)   When choosing a smaller brim, make sure it is a snap brim, which will balance a top-heavy face. Also, consider choosing a narrow plainer band that will help deemphasize a bigger head. 

We recommend wearing your hat to the side, as the back tilt will emphasize a broad forehead.  Rest assured that the precise hat for the large head with a narrow face and chin is within reach!