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Our 'beaver finish' uses a blend of premium, sustainable six and twelve month shorn wool that is hand brushed to retain fiber length and a plush, luxurious feel. The result is a hat that conveys style, elegance, and warmth. Our 'beaver finish' hats were innovated and are handcrafted by our talented employee-owners at America’s oldest hat factory. These hats cater to those seeking both fashion-forward looks and a commitment to responsible materials.

The Bollman Hat Company invented a revolutionary process that takes a natural unstiffened premium wool felt hat and treats it with a water repellent and shape retentive proprietary process. This makes LiteFelt® a tough and indestructible choice for the Bailey® Man of Styles. Often copied and never duplicated, LiteFelt® products are our most famous finish, combining style and function. This is our best selling product and is only American made.