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Almost all Bailey Western hats come sized as opposed to S, M, L, XL for more casual styles, as well as more formal Heritage and fine fur felt styles in Hollywood. So what size are you?

Some men wear fitted baseballs and know their head size. But if you don't, there is an easy way to find out by measuring your head. Using a tape measure, place it around your head, about an inch or so above your ears, which is where your hat would most likely sit. Check the measurement in centimeters (cm). Don't have a tape measure? Try thread, ribbon or anything you can then measure.

Use our Size Chart to find your size. This will also tell you whether you are a Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large.

You may want to check out our Face Shape Guide as well to help you pick out the best crown height or brim length that best compliments your face shape. Remember, there is a flattering hat for everyone. It's just a matter of discovering it.