With Independence Day approaching, now is time to start putting your weekend look together. Whether you're going to a Cookout for award-winning grub, hitting the beach for waves and much-needed sun, heading out of town for a quick getaway, or laying back and staring at the sky to watch fireworks, you need the right hat to top off your effortless cool. Here are a few options to get you started:

Barbecues have been a time-honored White House tradition since Thomas Jefferson. Therefore, nothing is more American than a barbecue (or a cookout, depending on where you are). Whether you like Memphis-style sauce options or a Texas-style rub, there's probably no better backdrop to share good music and even better drinks to celebrate the country's independence.
For The Cookout: the Runkle, the Ricker, and the Pencer

Beach days are a symbol of escapism for many. It helps you to slow down and catch your breath. Even if you rage hard and do some quality surfing or body boarding, you're still going to let go of some stress. BONUS: Sun rays are the best form of Vitamin D, which boosts the production of serotonin -- a natural chemical that keeps you feeling alert and upbeat. 
For The Beach: the Mateo, the Diggs, and the Hanson

A carefully planned weekend getaway can be the perfect way to recharge your batteries. Throwing caution to the wind and hitting the road for can make for a great break. All that's needed is a stylish tote packed with necessities and the perfect partner.
For The Getaway: the Jackman, the Quint, and the Poole

No Fourth of July is complete without a round of fireworks. Depending on where you live, either you'll be setting them off on your own, or kicking back and watching others light things up.
For the Fireworks: the Roll-Up II, the Berle, and the Loner