Bailey's heritage is linked to Old Hollywood glamour. Since Mr. George Bailey himself set up shop in Los Angeles in 1922, he has created hats for Men of Style such as Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant and the Rat Pack.

While times have changed, we believe that the Bailey Man of Style is synonymous with being a gentleman.

For this Fall/Winter season, we asked six tastemakers from all walks of life to what it means to embody that 'gentlemanly' quality.

Mobolaji wearing the Olin

In many ways traveling alone for me is the one of the biggest lessons one can have post formal education, because getting to know yourself is quite an important thing in life. Being out of your comfort zone, forces you to truly consider who you are, how you relate people and what you want out of life. I'm constantly traveling for work, taking on assignments around the globe, where I'm a total outsider to my surroundings.

After more than a decade of styling and street casting, I've gotten packing for the road down to a science. Like a true modern gentleman, I keep all of my essentials: a copy of The FADER and The Economist, my iPad, shea butter and my spare glasses close at hand and, most importantly I never leave the house without my hat. It's about wearing the right clothes, a uniform of sorts really, to be ready for any situation, and the hat completes it all.

I usually travel with one, but depending on how many countries I'm visiting, I'll throw another hat into my carry-on bag, careful not to crush in the haste of running around. Hitting the road alone has taught me to always be prepared, be at peace and to put many of my life's view in perspective. With this sense of serenity, I'm never really alone.