Miss Paige Nicholson, 2014's Miss Rodeo America, takes some time to answer a few questions. Read what she has to say about her style and her heroes.

How would you describe your style?

I'm a trendy cowgirl! I love classic western styles like fringe and studs, but I get into trends! I love wearing flared or skinny Wrangler jeans and fashion hats like the Bailey Renegade line.

When do you feel the most stylish?

I feel great in clothes that fit great and are comfortable! A a cowboy hat with personality and a cool vest over my wrangler shirt and jeans is my ideal outfit!

What made you want to compete in the Miss Rodeo competition?

Being an ambassador of rodeo is a great outlet to share my love of everything western, agriculture, or rodeo related!!!

Who are your heroes? Who inspires you? My heroes have always been cowboys! People like Bobby Kerr, who is a phenomenal horseman and entertainer, and a great asset to our industry. I also really look up to Walt Woodard. Walt has a great attitude toward rodeo competition and I think that's why he has had such a long and successful career in professional team roping. Also, my dad and grandfather and my heroes. They are farmers that grow beef cattle, corn, and soybeans. Their example taught me the value of hard work and how devotion to a task always pays off in the long run. They are an inspiration to me because it takes so much patience and faith to do what they do. I am proud of my last name because of those two. They set a standard for me and my younger sister and brother to live up to and gave us the tools and encouragement to become strong, independent individuals.

Do you wear a cowboy hat for utility or style? Or both?

Definitely both! I wear a cowgirl hat whenever I can, whether I need it or not! I am myself when I have my cowboy hat on.

Do you have a favorite hat?

My "Lana!" It's Renegade by Bailey. It has a girly ribbon hatband and a tan bound edge for a western touch! It's like it was designed just for me!

How would you "sell" the Miss Rodeo competition to our non-Western reader?

The Miss Rodeo America pageant is similar to the Miss America competitions, except we wear western clothes and cowboy hats and our talent is showcased in the Horsemanship competition instead of singing or dancing! We must also prove that we are ambassadors of professional rodeo by answering questions related to our sport.

What's next for you? In the land of all possibilities, what is your ideal/dream life?

I have a lot of future plans! I'm not the type person who wants a daily routine. If I could do anything, I'd go back home and work on our family farm. That's my favorite place to be and there is not a more noble profession than being a farmer.

Fill in: I AM A CLOSET___:

Diva!!! I love getting my hair and nails done, and dressing up!

Fill in: The movie that most represents my life is__:

Tough question! I'd say Steel Magnolias because I'm really proud of my southern heritage, and all the women in the movie are very strong no matter what they're up against. It's called Steel Magnolias because the women are both as strong as steel and as delicate as magnolias, and that's how I would describe myself.