Bailey's heritage is linked to Old Hollywood glamour. Since Mr. George Bailey himself set up shop in Los Angeles in 1922, he has created hats for Men of Style such as Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant and the Rat Pack.

While times have changed, we believe that the Bailey Man of Style is synonymous with being a gentleman.

For this Fall/Winter season, we asked six tastemakers from all walks of life to what it means to embody that 'gentlemanly' quality.

Elliott David, wearing the Frost Beanie

"Live offline as often as possible" Elliott David

I try to be unplugged from the digital world as often as possible. The computers and smartphones we stare at all day are experiences that take place completely in our own brains. From an objective viewpoint, you're essentially just starting at a small box. So I try to do things like practice meditation, play an instrument, paint and draw, and read physical books; these are all very important to me, and I feel like they're reparative for the mind and means to come to a greater understanding of the self.

The digital world can be a distraction. As a writer, my job takes place on a computer, so I try to spend as much time as possible otherwise away from one.