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How to Pack Your Hats

man reading a book with a hat on

Your favorite tropical destination is calling your name, and you’re ready to answer the call with your suitcase in tow. That suitcase will be filled with your favorite shorts, shirts, bathing suits, and hats. The question is, will your hat make it to the other side intact?

The reality is, packing a suitcase is both a science and an art. This is especially true for travelers who have to keep their luggage under 50 pounds to board the plane. And it’s doubly true if you have hats that you don’t want to get crushed.

Fortunately, by mastering how to properly pack a hat for travel, you can help them to retain their shape and, in turn, keep you looking fly all vacation long. Here’s a rundown on how to pack your hats for travel.

Create a Hat Taco

man wearing a gray shirt folding a hatman wearing a gray shirt folding a hat
man in a gray plaid shirt making a hat tacoman in a gray plaid shirt making a hat taco

Let’s say you have a Classic fedora hat by Bailey 1922 that you would like to bring along with you to Florida. Consider folding this hat in half, allowing the brim to be turned upward. The hat will immediately look like a taco. This is accurately called the taco method! You can watch the video here.

With this method for how to pack a hat for travel, your hat might end up with a couple of creases in the areas where you folded it. Simply work the hat’s shape back into the headpiece using your fingers. You can also stem it lightly to get the creases out while working it with your fingers. This process may take a few minutes, but soon enough, your hat will look brand new.

Also, keep in mind that the process of bringing your hat’s original shape back might take longer in a dry climate than it would in a humid climate. That’s because humidity and steam have a way of reforming hats. If you are traveling to a dry climate, such as Arizona, consider hanging your fedora hat in your bathroom while you’re taking a steamy shower. Then, immediately work on restoring the hat’s shape after your shower.

Stuff the Crown

As you explore how to pack a hat for travel, you may also want to consider stuffing your hat’s crown with some socks, rolled-up t-shirts, and underwear.

man wearing a tan safari hatman wearing a tan safari hat

Before using this method, make sure that either your hat’s brim or crown is down. It’s best to use the crown-down method if your hat’s shape is parabolic, also known as “safari style.” An example of this type of hat is the Dalton Safari outback hat. Keeping this type of hat’s crown down will help the hat to more easily retain its shape once you arrive at your vacation spot.

Finally, pack clothes around the hat to provide it with extra cushion against the curves and bumps that the road to vacation may hold. Stuff the crown with smaller items, such as socks, underwear, or more, in order to support the hat and the crown. Pack your hat so nothing sits on top of the crown.

Put the Hat on Top

Wondering how else to pack your hats? Another easy option for packing your favorite headgear is to simply put the hat atop your clothes in your suitcase.

man wearing a blue flat capman wearing a blue flat cap

Note that this simple solution may not work well for a straw or Panama hat. However, it shouldn’t be a problem for flat caps, like the Candler flat cap. The flat cap you’re packing should be placed in the suitcase with the top side facing down.

Use a Carry-On

Another solution for travelers wondering how to pack hats is to simply use carry-on bags or purses.

If you plan to hit the skies, you’ll likely have at least two bags with you. These may range from a suitcase to a duffel bag, backpack, fanny pack, or purse. If your cap will fit in your carry-on, you may want to stow it there instead of in your suitcase.

man wearing a blue straw hatman wearing a blue straw hat

Put Your Hat On

Although you may be looking into how to pack your hats for travel, you might want to consider simply wearing your hat to your destination. This way, you don’t have to worry about damaging the cap’s fabric or delicate structure. On top of this, you can look stylish and on trend as you embark on your trip.

Master How to Pack Your Hats at Bailey

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