Bailey s heritage is linked to Old Hollywood glamour. Since Mr. George Bailey himself set up shop in Los Angeles in 1922, he has created hats for Men of Style such as Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant and the Rat Pack. While times have changed, we believe that the Bailey Man of Style is synonymous with being a gentleman. For this Fall/Winter season, we asked six tastemakers from all walks of life to what it means to embody that gentlemanly quality.
Ian in the Cosgrove Pork Pie "Always be kind to your mother" Ian Bradley A true gentleman should always treat everyone with respect and kindness - but that starts with the one who brought you into this world. Always go the extra mile to put a smile your mother's face. You never know when you will need her help and she is always there for you, providing support, love and guidance through life s challenges. It s important to appreciate and respect her.Never take her for granted. You can always tell who a true gentleman is by the way he treats his mother.
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