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Ivy & Flat Caps

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  1. Bailey Finnegan - Black
    Regular Price $75.00 Starting at $37.50
  2. Noclin
    Regular Price $145.00 Starting at $108.75
  3. Taxten
    Starting at $145.00
  4. Bailey - Butter
    Regular Price $70.00 Starting at $35.00
  5. Bailey - Blue
    Regular Price $70.00 Starting at $35.00
  6. Bailey - Butter
    Regular Price $70.00 Starting at $35.00
  7. Bailey - Hunter
    Regular Price $70.00 Starting at $35.00
  8. Hats - Mushroom Stripe
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  9. Bailey - Taupe
    Regular Price $70.00 Starting at $35.00
  10. Bailey - Bronze
    Regular Price $75.00 Starting at $32.50
  11. Bailey - Avion
    Regular Price $90.00 Starting at $67.50
  12. Bailey -  Blue
    Regular Price $80.00 Starting at $40.00
  13. Bailey - Copper
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  14. Bailey - Oak Plaid
    Starting at $80.00
  15. Bailey - Beige Stripe
    Regular Price $75.00 Starting at $37.50
  16. Bailey - oak Twill
    Regular Price $80.00 Starting at $40.00

Items 17-32 of 59

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Hollywood Shop By Style: Ivy & Flat Caps 

Shop iconic caps in timeless styles, colors, and sizes. Whether you want a classic look or a more modern style, we have a wide collection of Bailey’s flat caps and ivy caps you'll love.

Bailey Hats are lined with a breathable fabric and famous for their superior fit and custom shapes. Every cap shape is tailored to fit comfortably on your head and give you effortless style.


Ivy Flat Caps — Minimalist Style That's Functional and Fashionable

An ivy cap looks great with a suit or sports jacket, but it's also the perfect choice for casual outdoor activities. With ivy caps, you'll stay shaded from the sun while sporting a sleek look. 

Choose an ivy or flat cap that expresses your unique personality. Check out our new arrivals and top sellers to transform your look today!


Flat Caps — A Heritage Accessory to Top Off Your Outfit 

Once a favorite of sailors, farmers, and laborers, flat caps are the perfect heritage accessory to top off your outfit.

Flat caps are a must-have for the stylish dresser who wants a touch of class and sophistication in their outfit. Pairing well with a suit or blazer, they’re great for social events and casual outings alike. 


Caps for All Styles and Seasons

Whether you're looking for a bold, classic, or modern look, we have flat caps for every style. Bailey Hats’ ivy and flat caps come in high-quality fabrics like wool, linen, and cotton. Find your favorite statement piece for summer, winter, or all-season wear at Bailey Hats.


See the Look at Bailey Hats

If you're looking for understated and versatile headwear to transform your outfit, we have exactly what you need. Bailey Hats is your destination for iconic and modern ivy flat caps from all eras of Hollywood history. Shop the look now.