ALL ABOUT THE HAT: LiteFelt® Technology On Your Hat


Our Litefelt® Collection Has Arrived

There are many reasons to love Bailey hats. Our quality is unmatched. Our style is a mix of the sophisticated and the rugged. Whether you are channeling Brando or Bowie, there is a Bailey hat to fit your mood. And if that isn’t enough, we have hats that feature our top secret LiteFelt® technology, which is game changing in itself.


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Back in the 1980’s, we invented a revolutionary process that takes a natural unstiffened premium wool hat and makes it water repellant and shape retentive. So if you get caught in the rain, water beads right off. If you accidentally sit on your hat, it will pop back into shape.

This makes LiteFelt® a tough and indestructible best selling choice for the Bailey Man of Style. Often copied and never duplicated, this is our most famous finish. Style and function combined. Made in the USA.

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ALL ABOUT THE HAT: SS15: Bailey’s Noteworthy Technology: Litestraw®

It’s Thursday: You just got done with your last round of after work drinks.  You’re about to head home and the rain starts. It wasn’t supposed to rain. Your rain jacket: at home. Your umbrella: no idea. The hat you wore, now in your briefcase/tote/rolling trunk is the kind that no water can penetrate.  It’s glazed with Bailey of Hollywood’s finishing technology called LiteStraw® .  We developed this process to protect you against the rain, give the hat a softer feel and help keep the hat shape no matter how many times you lean on it. The indestructible choice for the Bailey® Man of Style.


Featured the Blackburn in Natural

All are USA made in our factory in Pennsylvania. Shop all Bailey LiteStaw® hats here



ALL ABOUT THE HAT: Bailey Western Releases their Pin- Up Girls Series

Bailey hats released the next closest thing to the pop idol poster in their SS15 Western line. It features a series of pin- up girls; Ms. Wanted, Ms. Shinning Boots, Ms. Rodeo and Ms. Hi Ho Silver.  These four sultry beauties can be found on the tip stickers of the Bailey 7x, 10x, 15x, and 20x series at  Giving gentlemen yet another reason to doffen their hat.




The term pin-up girl originated from Burlesque performers and actresses using photographic advertisement as business cards and these were “pinned- up” on walls. Later on in 20th-century, film houses used these to their advantage having their actresses both drawn and photographed and put on posters to be sold for personal entertainment and film advertisement. One of the most popular early pin-up girls was Betty Grable, whose poster was ubiquitous in the lockers of G.I.s during World War II


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