EDITOR'S PICKS: Bailey’s Creative Director Picks Top 5 Must Haves for Spring

Bailey’s Creative Director, Paula Calvert, Picks the Best Bets to compliment your vibe for Spring.

1.Felts worn all year around: Felts are not for Fall/Winter anymore. These hats are the perfect accessory for a big night out, formal event, cocktail hour, or late night pool party.   A bright colored felt looks great with jean shorts, a Hanes t-shirt and a cool pair of boots.


Shop the Hiram, Fedora, or Hillman

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2. Tall and skinny: Brim length trends swing back and forth. You are always safe with a classic medium brim. But if you want to add new flavor to your style, try a new directional ‘tall and skinny’. No, I am not referring to coffee. Slightly taller crowns paint the picture of cool- it takes a braver man to rock this shape but there is no mistaking you will turn some girls’ heads. The RIGHT girls. Or maybe the wrong ones. Skimpy brims are now the antithesis of super wide crowns that have become popular in the last few seasons. It shows you aren’t scared to step it up, without looking like you tried too hard.


Shop the Riker or Tor Short


3. City goes Country: The city escape. How fast can everyone get to the beach or countryside on a Friday after work? Don’t have a country house? Pretend you do. This trend is not going away. Roll up those chinos. Leave your lace up boots untied and rub them in the dirt. Get some suspenders and hit the nearest farmers market. Pick up some arugula and act like your log cabin is just down that charming country lane. You can always put it on your burger hot off the grill.


Shop the Jaquen


4. Statement Straws: No matter what the season, what the year, what the trend: every man with an ounce of style should invest in at least one killer straw hat. From the unparalleled ‘come hang on my yacht’ Montecristi (the ultimate investment piece) to a luxurious Panama, or easy to wear Shantung LiteStraw®, these hats provide sun protection and will up the ante with basically anything you wear all summer. Start with a classic fedora. Then build your arsenal with new and inventive shapes and weaves.


Shop the Roll up, Chaplin, or Perloff

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5. Western inspired: Western is in our blood. In 1922, LA was a mix of farmers in Western wear and hungry merchants flocking ‘West’ on steam trains to capitalize on oil rich soil and Hollywood rich industry. There is not a better testament to Americana, and all its rugged and masculine bravery than a Western hat. Leave the plaid shirt in the closet, though. Instead, mix it up with your ‘city wear’ for that modern look. Wear it with a flight jacket, jean jacket, blazer. Practice your best Clint Eastwood far away squint and laser point it at the next dress that enters the room. See what happens.


Shop the Collister, Cunard, or Fernley

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The Ammon

Here at Bailey we get pretty nerdy when it comes to the finish, feel and look of a hat. We spend hours debating how stiff a hat should be, brim lengths (how wide is too wide?), which brim compliments the face best, which sweatband keeps your forehead dry the most, and of course, what the felt feels like to the touch. Over time, we have released what we believe are pretty amazing finishes, with each one serving a certain look or function. But this time,… this time, we believe we have created the BEST WOOL FELT HAT. EVER.

It is called the Elite Finish (obviously). The special Elite Finish fabric is made from incredible supple-feeling felt. First, we start with 16 micron sheep’s wool, ( just to put it in perspective, 1 micron is equal to one thousandth of a millimeter- meaning it’s super fine ). Our skilled and equally obsessive craftsmen give this twice the carding work and wet felting techniques to bring this luxurious wool to life . No shellac is used to preserve the softness. A special brim and crown sanding is performed using proprietary processes to create and retain the luxurious feel.

And because we are so proud of our new finish, we have even put an Elite hat next to our finest fur felt hats and asked our hat conneseur friends to see if they can tell the difference. And you know what? Most of them could not.

We have released three Elite hats for Fall: The Bogan, The Ammon and the Winters, available now in three colors. Stay tuned, as we will be releasing a limited run of two rich new colors, Saddle and Peacoat, available on baileyhats.com online only, very soon! Enjoy.



bollman-fall-trio-finalShop Elite Finish


IN THE NEWS: Peek Into a Private Historical Cultural Monument in LA and site of Bailey of Hollywood

Peek Into a Private Historical Cultural Monument in LA and site of Bailey of Hollywood AW16 Campaign

    Every season, Bailey centers the theme of its lifestyle campaigns around elements that make the brand unique. For AW 16, Bailey returns to Los Angeles, home of the brand since 1922, to shoot at the Milbank Mansion in Hancock Park. Current owners Electra Vanderbilt McDowell and Peter Lang have painstakingly restored this jewel with no attention to detail spared. Thank you for allowing Bailey to shoot in such an incredible place.

Isaac Milbank was very involved in the development of the then budding neighborhood of Hancock Park in 1905. By 1913, he built Milbank Mansion to be his family home and soon became the soul of the neighborhood.


Isaac Milbank hired architect G. Lawrence Stimson, an architect credited with building over 1000 houses in Los Angeles


The Milbank Mansion, outside front view


The majestic central staircase.


The Collister


The dining room above, complete with details of the intricate woodwork and silver gilt ceiling.


The Rockburn


The Garden- Before and After


The Hillman


The Study, or ‘Lounge’ as originally named. We can just see Rudolph Valentino or Greta Garbo popping by for a scotch


The Criss, a new wide-brimmed Polished LiteFelt, shot in the living room

AW16 Bailey of Hollywood Campaign shot by Margaret Malandruccolo


ALL ABOUT THE HAT: Bailey of Hollywood Announces Collaboration with Ugo Mozie

December 2015, New York, NY – Bailey of Hollywood teams up with top fashion stylist and creative director Ugo Mozie on an exclusive capsule collection of fedoras for their Autumn / Winter 2015 collection.


The U.M x Bailey of Hollywood collection brings a modern update to Bailey’s classic fedora through the eyes of Ugo Mozie. Each of the 3 styles will be offered in a variety of colors ranging from black to red, and several finishes including polished lite-felt, western fur felt, and superior fur felt. To Shop the Collection Click Here

“It takes a certain type of man to wear a fedora hat,” said collaboration designer Ugo Mozie. “You have to be confident and have style, and most importantly be comfortable as yourself. Bailey is the first fedora that I loved, and I’ve personally grown with the brand.”

Click Here to see the full article by Essential Homme

More about Ugo Mozie

With a stylish zeal and high profile resume of work, Ugo Mozie is a stylist, creative director, and fashion icon. He has already debuted his own fashion line and works with celebrity clientele including international superstars from Justin Bieber to Larry King. Known for his eclectic and androgynous style, Ugo pushes past conventional boundaries to redefine the way the industry considers style, and does so with dynamic vitality in every projects he touches – from the Oscar awards, Sex and the City 2, Vogue, Elle, GQ magazine, and much more.